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I have struggled a lot with the theme of this blog. A few years ago, writing came so easy to me, so I wrote a lot about anything. The idea of having a theme or an objective didn’t consume me at all. I was only a slave to that thought provoking machine and I all I had to do was serve it. Lately I have felt this heaviness and unease when I wanted to write. My brain was consumed with so many obstacles and imperfections to a hypothetical perfect plan that my imagination conceived and my brain was unable to execute. So if you are like me, struggling with every thought, overcoming constant mental barriers and overly obsessing over the imperfections that are best left alone , this blog is for you. If you need to have daily conversations with yourself to sell it the idea of getting out of bed or pitching a sale about how “life is worth living” then you’ve come to the right place. this blog is about parenthood and cooking and science and public health and mental health and social trends…it’s about me and you, and sometimes my family or yours….it’s a blog about life and how hard it is, but also how beautiful it could be. But above all, this blog is a graveyard for toxic positivity.

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