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There is a certain beauty about uncertainty, a mystical theme to life. You don’t know where your path is leading you or who your companions will be. It is like painting your own world. You choose a colour, a theme and an accompanying ballad. There is genius behind not knowing your fate. You might just end up anywhere. You might sweep lands, cross vast oceans and you might, just might, stay wherever you are. But in your mind, that is where all the beauty lies. You could be anything, anyone…you could go anywhere.

There is a beauty about not having a ground beneath you…and no wings to fly. There is grace in falling down, slowly, lightly, like a feather. There is gentleness in the thought that you will eventually be the one who saves you.

You may look around and not like where you are. You may be unable to breathe now. But I release you, from the imaginary chains you think I have wrapped around your heart. But you have to release yourself from the chains you wrap around your soul. You have to uproot yourself, from all the misery, all the heartache, all the boundaries. The universe belongs to you now. Fear not the grandeur of God’s creation, but marvel in it. Breathe in the pure scent of the forest, let spring waters heal and may your heart settle in its place in peace and your soul be filled with faith.

And I shall wait, till all the lands look just the same and all the people become strangers. I shall wait till your heart longs for its rhythm. I shall wait till you come back to me where you will find yourself still loved and adored for everything that you are…and forever shall be.

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