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My mother renews my faith in everything. She has that power over me and is capable of turning black into white. Even the darkest thoughts get sorted out. It took me years to understand it. It is myself that I see when I look at her and it is her I see within me.  Had I known that earlier, I wouldn’t have spent years trying to figure out who I am. Always searching for roots, trying to figure out where I belong…it would have been much easier seeing into her soul. In her I see me….experiences I have without having to go through. In her I see the dreams I have had for years without really knowing where they sprang from. I once thought you could feel a connection to someone that you relinquish all boundaries, you lose all individuality and in this oneness, you lose the sense of where you begin and where the other ends. But that does not happen with anyone. It happened with her. I am an extension, a continuation of who she is. I finally realize that it is the passion she has nurtured in me that speaks when I speak my heart out. I finally know that it is her voice that I found in my soul when I thought I had lost mine.

I wasted years wandering not knowing to whom I belonged until she found me lost, restless, withered and she claimed what had always been her. She reminded me of who I really am, of the strength of my will and the power of my soul. Even the people who decorate my life are a perpetual blessing of her presence in my life. I thank her for cultivating all the good qualities that are in me, for strangling my fear, for always making me believe I could be anything. Yes, my mother is the woman responsible for my deep, unshakable faith that I could b anything I want to be and that I could do whatever I set my heart to do. I thank her for being my ground when I lost mine. I thank her for being so strong that I grew up knowing that strength is the only option. I thank her for redeeming my lost soul.

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