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This just in:
Egypt is declared a logic-free country.
Scientists claim it’s a grave condition and that it is highly unlikely to resolve soon.
Civilians are advised to take extreme caution when dealing with one another. It is highly contagious and anyone could be a carrier of that dangerous disease without showing any symptoms unless engaged in a serious discussion.
Our hearts go out to Egyptians!
Reported symptoms:
-The tendency to jump to conclusions entirely irrelevant to the preceding premises.
-The tendency to answer questions that have not been asked while avoiding questions that have been asked in ways that may seem witty or overly emotional.
-The tendency to be paternalistic or overly protective during a conversation.
-The tendency to continuously claim that one is more knowing or more understanding than others.
If anyone feels that he/she suffers from any of those symptoms; kindly have mercy on us and go kill yourself.
If anyone suspects that another person shows any of those signs; run…run fast and run far; unless you find a need to argue with that person, then kindly kill that person and kill yourself next.
Show some mercy to one another.

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